Marriage Ceremony Appointment

Please complete this form to book your marriage ceremony.

Please note that you may not be able to complete your booking if you are using a mobile phone. You are advised to use another device.

Before booking your marriage ceremony please ensure that the following applies to you and your partner:

  1. We plan to marry in a licenced venue in the London Borough of Islington or the City of London, including Islington Town Hall
  2. We intend to be married more than 29 days from today
  3. Neither of us has been divorced (including dissolving a civil partnership) in a country outside the United Kingdom
  4. We understand that we must give notice of our intention to marry with sufficient time before the ceremony
  5. We understand that if one or both of us are non-EEA nationals our notice period may be extended by UKVI up to 71 days
  6. We understand that our booking is provisional and subject to review by Islington and City of London Register Office, who will contact us to confirm within two working days
  7. We understand that a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required in order to secure the ceremony
  8. If we are making a booking for a venue that is not Islington Town Hall, we understand we are booking the registrars' attendance only. We understand that we have to book the venue separately.

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